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Commercial truck drivers have demanding jobs, and we need clothing and accessories that stand up to hard work but are comfortable while sitting all day behind the wheel. In the fall, we also have to be ready for changing weather conditions. A morning that starts out frosty could end up hot and sunny. Dressing in layers with a T-shirt covered by a button-down shirt or hoodie will give you the ability to adjust clothing and stay comfortable in erratic weather.

Summertime and the trucking is sizzling! Here are a few tips to prevent the heat from putting a damper on your journeys this season.


While there may be no icy roads or dangerous blizzards, the summer still poses several challenges for truck drivers. Fortunately, incorporating some summer safe driving trips will help you avoid accidents and discomfort when travelling in the heat.

Have both a trucking career and a healthy relationship is possible, if you follow this advice.


Although the life of a trucker can be incredibly rewarding, it requires you to make some huge sacrifices. In some instances, you’ll be away from your family for weeks at a time. Here are some important tips for maintaining healthy relationships with your loved ones.