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The Top Skills You’ll Learn at Truck Driving School

If you are thinking about starting an owner operator job, courier driver job, or working for nearly any of the trucking companies in Vancouver, you will likely have a future spot in truck driving school. This training is indispensable for building knowledge and confidence so that you can have a positive start to your trucking career.  Here are a few things you can expect to learn:


How to Drive a Big Rig


As one would expect, a large portion of truck driving school is focused on how to actually drive the trucks you will be working with. This will cover much more than simply how to drive, even though maneuvering a truck and trailer is a big part of the curriculum.


Training will include both on road skills and classroom lessons.  Defensive driving with a focus on safety and how to avoid collisions is a key focus.  You will be taught how to handle challenging traffic and varying road conditions for both city and highway driving.   Technical skills such as proper loading and unloading technique, weight distribution, backing maneuvers and coupling will be covered. 


Efficient Driving Practices


Knowledge on how to reduce fuel consumption and safely maintain a vehicle will help you reduce operating costs and emissions – helping both your income and the environment.


Laws and Regulations


Vancouver freight carriers and their drivers must follow appropriate laws and regulations.   In addition to speed limits and vehicle inspections, the transportation of dangerous goods involves specific safety requirements for loading and unloading.  Relevant emergency response actions will be covered so that you can handle accidents or breakdowns.


Log Books


You will learn about the National Safety Code which covers standards for commercial vehicles and drivers.  Important information on maintaining log books will be taught including the legal requirements for maximum hours and minimum breaks to ensure you are able to operate your vehicle safely.


First-Hand Driving Experience


The knowledge and insights you will gain in the classroom, combined with practical experience behind the wheel will prepare you for your first job as a truck driver. 


For more information about the credentials required to work as a truck driver, contact us at Diamond Delivery.

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