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Back-to-School Truck Driving Safety Tips

The return to school means more people out on the roads including a new generation of students excited to start the next chapter of their lives.  Whether it’s a walk to the local Kindergarten, or driving cross country to University, there are a lot of distractions on the road. Vancouver freight carriers around Surrey and elsewhere in the Lower Mainland can prepare for added traffic with these back-to-school driving tips:


Always Be Alert


Be aware of who and what is around you and your truck at all times. This goes for residential neighbourhoods and commercial areas, and is even more important to consider while in school zones.  Young children can be unpredictable and may not be used to being near traffic. 


Get Some Rest


If you're in any sort of owner-operator job or work for one of the trucking companies in Vancouver then you are aware of how difficult it can be to get adequate sleep. This is even more true when you know you are going to be driving long distances and through high-traffic areas. When you try to drive a truck on little or no sleep, several cognitive and sensory functions required for operating a rig safely stop working at their full capacity, leaving open the risk for a number of potentially dangerous situations.


Go Slow


As a truck driver, erring on the side of caution and driving defensively is never a bad idea. Part of that is driving slowly in certain circumstances. Rushing through an area can leave you open to issues that you may not have noticed otherwise. With the new season’s added foot and vehicle traffic, it’s easy to miss a child or adult, or even an object that may be in your way. Take extra care if driving through a school zone before or after school hours, or at lunchtime.


Obey Traffic Laws


To avoid penalties and accidents, be sure to respect all school-related traffic laws, including speed limits in school zones and crossing guard signals. Also, watch for school buses and for kids who may be getting on and off.


If you have any questions concerning road safety, don’t hesitate to contact us at Diamond Delivery.


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