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5 Pairs of Sunglasses That Will Protect Truck Driver's Eyes on the Road

Vancouver freight carriers know how crucial it is to protect their eyes while on the road. Whether you have an owner-operator job or work for a delivery service, it's important to invest in high-quality protective eyewear so that you can stay safe and comfortable on long hauls.

Below are five of the best sunglasses models available for truckers.

  1. Oakley Batwolf

The Oakley Batwolf glasses are durable, comfortable and lightweight. The Three-Point Fit helps eliminate the pressure points coming with frames that hook around the ears.

The lenses filter UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light for maximum comfort, and provide sharp, clear vision at all angles.

  1. Maui Jim Kaupo Gap

Maui Jim's Kaupo Gap sunglasses are a more stylish option but are no less protective.

The grey lenses maximize light reduction while sharpening contrast and clarity for better driving. The patented MauiBrilliant lens material is resistant to scratching and shattering, is lightweight and able to provide superior glare reduction in bright conditions.

  1. WileyX Omega

WileyX specializes in rugged eyewear for any situation, day or night. Their glasses are available as prescription or non-prescription, and most styles are customizable to suit your needs.

The WileyX Omega features polarized, shatterproof lenses that block 100 percent of UVA and UVB. They have a special "T-Shell" coating that is extremely resistant to scratching, which anyone with a courier driver job can appreciate.

  1. Oakley Mercenary

These Mercenary sunglasses from Oakley are also available with prescription lenses, and drivers can opt for their special Prizm lenses to enhance clarity and contrast while driving.

These glasses come with a variety of lens options that offer varying degrees of light transmission and colour contrast, so anyone working for a trucking company in BC can choose what will help his or her vision most.

  1. WileyX Censor

WileyX's Censor frame comes in a professional matte black with a polarized, smoke grey lens to provide the clearest possible vision in bright conditions.

These sunglasses transmit around 12 per cent of light and sharpen both colour and contrast, which means they're ideal for Vancouver delivery service drivers who may be out in all kinds of weather conditions.

Quality Eyewear is a Necessary Investment

It may be tempting to just purchase cheap pairs of truck stop glasses, but Vancouver trucking company veterans will tell you that these are often not sufficient to protect your eyes and keep you comfortable during a long drive.

Opting for specialized, top-quality driving sunglasses is an investment in your safety and your future.

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