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5 Apps Truckers Love

5 Apps Truckers Love


Like every other field, modern technology has made truck driving more convenient and easier. Today's truckers use mobile apps for a wide variety of different purposes. Here are five great apps you should consider using if you drive trucks for a living.


Big Road


If you're tired of manually writing out your log book, the Big Road app may be the perfect solution for you. This app creates a digital log book that is more convenient and more accurate than a written log. Big Road starts at $15 per month for each user and is available for both Android and iOS.




Waze is a free app that is popular with commercial and non-commercial drivers alike. The Waze app keeps you informed about road conditions on major highways, including construction and accidents, in real time. It also offers you alternative routes if your planned route is blocked or delayed. This ability helps to keep trucks on time as they make their runs. Waze is available for iOS and Android.




Allstays takes the guesswork out of finding a truck stop. The app lets you search for truck stops in any given area based on whatever criteria you want. If you're looking for a certain restaurant or specific facilities as you cruise the Canadian highways, Allstays is a good way to find what you need. This convenience has led Allstays to become one of the top trucking apps currently available for purchase. Allstays has been exclusive to iOS since 2017 and is priced at $9.99.


Trucker Path


One of the most useful trucking apps is known as Trucker Path. In this app, truckers are allowed to share their expertise to create comprehensive databases about the highways and facilities in certain regions. Whether you're looking for a good place to sleep or want to know where you can easily park your truck, Trucker Path will tell you what you need to know. This app is free and available on Android and iOS.


Lose It!


Truck driving is a line of work that makes it very hard to stay in shape. If you're looking to stay fit and healthy while driving the Canadian highways, Lose It! is a good solution for you. Lose It! will track your calorie intake and expenditure and let you share fitness tips with other users. Lose It! is free, but a premium version with more functionality can be bought for $3.33 a month. You can use the Lose It! app on both iOS and Android.

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