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Being an Owner Operator

Delivery Driving: Is It Right for You?


With constantly increasing fuel costs and busy highways, driving a truck can be a challenging job. Because of this, many truck drivers opt to become independent owner operators, maintaining their own vehicle and running their own marketing and bookkeeping. It may seem like a tough job, but it’s an ideal position for someone who enjoys working independently and has an entrepreneurial spirit.


Personality Traits of an Independent Delivery Driver


Successful owner-operators typically are good with working with people and possess strong organizational skills. They’re able to manage money well and excel at planning their daily schedule. If you possess these traits, you may wish to consider a career in the independent truck driving industry.


What Does a Delivery Owner-Operator Do?


Unlike long-haul truck drivers who must travel hundreds of kilometers each week, local delivery drivers typically work the same route each day. Local drivers have the opportunity to get to know their customers and enjoy predictable work hours. Plus, many delivery drivers can work with a Class-B CDL or even a regular driver’s license.


While the routes are usually short, physical labour is still an essential part of independent delivery driving. Drivers must be able to move heavy loads multiple times each day, adding items to the truck and then delivering them at the intended address. Additionally, deliveries must be made regardless of the weather, so drivers are expected to cope with rain, sleet, snow, and extreme heat.


Most delivery jobs also include some aspect of salesmanship. Drivers interact with customers each day, which gives them an opportunity to inform customers about new products or services. For this reason, trucking companies in BC often select outgoing, friendly individuals with a clean-cut appearance to drive local routes.


What Are the Benefits of Local Delivery Driving?


If you’ve been searching for a rewarding career with a competitive salary, becoming an owner-operator may be right for you. Here are some of the benefits you could receive when you join this industry:


  • Lucrative: With a shortage of available delivery drivers, many companies are offering large bonuses and other incentives to new drivers. Many jobs are high-paying, and earnings often increase as the driver becomes more experienced.
  • Flexible Schedule: Owner-operators can set their own hours, making the career a great choice for working parents. Some drivers work on an on-call basis, accepting assignments based on their personal schedules.
  • Secure: Jobs tend to be secure in the delivery driving industry, which is rare in today’s market. Plus, high demand for drivers means that you’ll have a variety of positions to choose from.


Those who enjoy working independently, desire a shorter route, and value a flexible schedule may find that becoming an owner-operator is right for them. Contact Diamond Delivery today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


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